Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Welch has performed a number of stem cell therapy treatments, providing relief for pets in pain with powerful healing cells. Innovated by MediVet, this advanced stem cell therapy uses your pet’s own stem cells for treatment. There are no ethical or moral concerns with the use of stem cells from one’s own body as these cells are adult and not embryonic. With this technological advancement, we are using the body’s own regenerative capabilities.

How It Works

Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your pet’s body that can become other types of cells. There are many adult stem cells in fat tissue, however, they are asleep. Stem cell therapy allows us to isolate stem cells from your animal’s own (autologous) fat tissue, wake them up, and reintroduce them directly into damaged areas. For example, in the case of arthritis, stem cells can become new cartilage cells and have natural anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Stem Cell Therapy has been shown to provide about 18-24 months of relief after the initial treatment, and even longer when treatment is sought at earlier stages. Most pet owners choose to bank cells, so re-treatment is easy and cost-effective. If symptoms return, we retrieve a dose of cells from the bank and inject them. No surgery is necessary.

This treatment has been used to relieve osteoarthritis (hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, calcifications, common degeneration, and inflammation), soft tissue injuries (cruciate injuries, tears, ruptures, inflammation), or for accelerated fracture healing.

We also treat other cases under “compassionate use.” We know less about these conditions, but are seeing some exciting results. Some of these conditions are degenerative myelopathy, feline gingivitis, end-stage renal disease, liver and kidney failure, allergy, auto-immune, inflammatory bowel disease, pulmonary fibrosis, IMHA, atopy, and spine trauma.

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