Brachiocephalic Syndrome Correction of Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, and other 'Flat-Nosed' Breeds

Brachiocephalic Syndrome refers to the breathing problems seen in flat-nosed dogs like bulldogs, pugs, Boston Terriers and other breeds.  Though the snorting, wheezing, and snoring seen in these animals is often thought of as “cute”, it is a serious condition that severely affects the dog’s quality of life.  Narrow nostrils combined with an elongated soft palate (the tissue in the back of the mouth) result in a very narrowed airway.  That snorting is the dog struggling to get enough air.  I often have owners try to mimic the sound their dog makes to see how much physical work it takes to breathe like that.  They soon discover it is exhausting.


Most dogs with Brachiocephalic Syndrome need both their nostrils opened and their soft palate resected with a surgical laser or radiofrequency probe in order to open their airway.  Some will also need removal of “everted saccules”, small pouches of tissue that normally sit against the windpipe but become “everted” into the airway due to the dog’s constant struggle to breathe.  These procedures open the airway allowing the dog to breathe more normally and even exercise.


This procedure can range from around $300 to $600 depending on the dog, and the procedures that need to be done.


Brachiocephalic Syndrome Correction of Bulldogs- Before Brachiocephalic Syndrome Correction of Bulldogs-After

Before Nasal Resection Surgery

After Nasal Resection Surgery