Veterinarian Resource Links from Lake Geneva Animal Hospital

Dental Care

Veterinary Partners Dental Care Series

Veterinary Oral Health Council

Professional Veterinary Information

AAHA's website

Pet Loss & Grief Counseling


Feline Information & Preventative Care

Cornell University

International Cat Care

The Cat Community

The Ohio State Indoor Pet Initiative

Cats International

Poison control

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
**This is the main poision control hotline we recommend**


Companion animal parasite council

ASPCA Cats & Fleas




Canine Allergies

Food allergies

Cat allergy

Dog allergy

Tick born diseases (Most Commonly: Lyme, Erhlichia, Anaplasmosis)

Dogs and Ticks

Canine Health Foundation

Tick Management Handbook



Heartworm Disease (Prevention and Treatment)

American Heart Worm Society

Heartguard Plus