Perineal Urethrostomy for Pets - Lake Geneva WI

A Perineal Urethrostomy is a surgical procedure to widen the urethra on a male cat. This is done for cats that have recurrent blockages of their urinary tract where prevention with food or other methods have not or will not be successful. The urine outflow must pass through a narrowing of the urethra near the tip of the penis.

This area is usually the cause of the obstruction and must be widened to prevent blockages. The penis tip is partially removed and the urethra split open to a level where it naturally widens closer toward the bladder. This is a technically challenging procedure that should be only done by experienced veterinarians. When healed, the patient will now have a much wider urethra and blockages are very rare.  Use of a prescription food to prevent recurrence of stones or crystals is recommended but not essential in most cats.  This saves cost and is useful in multiple cat households.


This surgery typically costs $800 to $1100.  Most cats will require an additional anesthesia to remove the sutures in two weeks ($62.50).