Gastropexy (Stomach Tack) for Prevention of "Bloat" in Pets

Stomch Being Grasped for "Gastropexy"

A gastropexy is a laparoscopic procedure that permanently attaches the dog’s stomach to the abdominal wall.  This prevents the stomach from “twisting” and causing a GDV (Gastic Dilation and Volvulus).  This tends to happen in larger, deep-chested dogs but this can occur in any breed or age of dog.  “Bloat” or GDV (Gastric-Dilation and Volvulus) is an emergency situation where the stomach has filled with gas and twisted.  The stomach continues to fill with gas from digestion until it ruptures.  Untreated, this is extremely painful and always fatal.  Immediate attention is essential for survival.


The gastropexy uses a laparoscope to bring the stomach up to the abdominal wall where it can be sutured.  This can be done as a preventative measure before there has been a "bloat" episode, especially in high risk breeds.  It is often done at the time of neutering or spay but can be done at any age.  An incision in the stomach wall (the muscle, not into the stomach itself) and a second incision in the muscle of the abdominal wall are made and the two exposed muscles are sutured to each other.  This creates a permanent adhesion that should last the dog’s entire life and prevent the stomach from twisting.


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