Preventative Medicine

Sharing your life with a beloved pet is truly one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.  From the time your pet is a puppy or a kitten or you adopt your new family member until they cross the rainbow bridge, the doctors and staff at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital strive to provide the best care for your best friend. 

Puppy, kitten, and new older patient visits start with a thorough history and physical exam.  We then discuss any health or behavior concerns, breed-related issues, and lifestyle concerns that may influence your pet’s care.  We are strong believers in preventive medicine and can tailor vaccine protocols (including titer testing), parasite prevention, nutritional concerns, and exercise recommendations to each individual pet.  Surgical procedures such as spays, neuters, and prophylactic gastropexies are discussed to determine the most appropriate time and procedure for each animal.  We incorporate both traditional western medicine and integrative medicine to offer the most well-rounded health care to your pet.